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At Worldwide Central Trips, regardless of whether you're looking for air travel, an incentive or group cruise, or a specialized study and leadership tour, Worldwide Central Trips has done it before, knows the best contacts to work with, and negotiates the best possible price on your behalf.

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It was an awesome trip. Well organized, with many diverse visits and Mathilde and our bus driver were super! A little slow at the end, which might be good given the energy left in the group. Not a single visit that I wouldn’t recommend again.
W.S., Lexington, Kentucky - May 2023

Thank you so much for the outstanding travel arrangements in D.C./Alexandria, VA and Gettysburg. Perfect locations and excellent service!
J.H., Rapid City, South Dakota - March 2022

I have utilized the services of Frederick Travel for the past 12 years for both international and domestic travel. I completely endorse the outstanding services provided by Scott Allen and his team in providing an amazing transformational travel experience for each of my LEAD classes while meeting the objectives of our travel seminars. Thank you Scott and Kendra!
T.H., Lincoln, Nebraska - January 2022

I recently escorted an agricultural study tour for 22 adults to Costa Rica in early January 2022. With some severe winter weather and airline staff shortages causing a few air travel delays – on top of all the pandemic-related concerns and policies – there were a few hiccups related to our travel. But Scott at Frederick Travel Waterloo (and his in-country service provider) were on top of things and quickly resolved any changes that needed to be made to ensure our group got to where we needed to be. And all of our services in country were outstanding: guide, driver, hotel accommodations, meals and tours were all very good. Costa Rica has taken pandemic safety precautions very seriously, yet still provides a very welcoming atmosphere to their guests. This was our first international travel experience in two years, and the group was very happy with the experience.
L.V. Ithaca, New York - January 2022

I’ve been so grateful to have your wise counsel and vast experiences to draw upon regarding our international travel. Scott, it’s been a pleasure working with you the past 10+ years on our international study tour locations and itineraries!! You’ve provided life changing experiences for our participants and myself in the different countries we’ve traveled to! And…you’ve always handled any issue that came up so professionally and quickly for which I’ll be forever grateful.
M.H. Fargo, North Dakota - July 2021

Mathilde and Marco were excellent and exhibited great flexibility and amazing hospitality. We feel lucky to have traveled with them. When an agenda item fell through Mathilde was able to seamlessly arrange for another activity that added great value to the experience. I cannot commend them enough. We also appreciate you and Christina for your tremendous support, responsiveness, and willingness to answer any questions. Overall, communications were clear, concise, and warm. Thank you for such amazing customer service.
E.S., Little Rock, Arkansas - October 2019

Things go well when you work with the best. :O)
B. A., Danville, Indiana - September 2018

From beginning to end, Scott Allen’s work arranging International Study Seminars for the Washington AgForestry Leadership Program has been outstanding. Scott is thorough, knowledgeable and has tremendous contacts throughout the world. He is an excellent listener and his attention to detail makes travel once we are in country exceptional. Safety, an important consideration in a changing world, is always in the forefront of planning with Scott. AgForestry participants have had many thought-provoking international travel experiences based on his expertise. Scott Allen is definitely a 5 Star travel agent!
D. M. Spokane Valley, Washington - April 2018

India fulfilled our dreams and expectations of what I set out to achieve through this international experience. Full immersion into the culture is what I wanted for this class, and we had full immersion. Starting from day one to day 12, we were able to walk the streets, enter into homes and businesses and visit with the people one on one. Often the elder or owner would sit down and ask us to ask anything we wanted to know about their culture, their business, the people, the government - whatever was on our minds. The hospitality was amazing. From the Fish Market (everyone was out of their comfort zone to the Temple ceremony), we knew from day one that our tour guide Raj was going to take good care of us and give us a positive experience. Raj is probably the best tour guide I've ever had. Hospitality was amazing.
L. C. Rapid City, South Dakota - February 2018

Scott and the team at Frederick Travel are fabulous. This agency has access to a tremendous network of agents around the world and can design a trip suited to your needs. Our group wanted an agricultural focused tour of the jamon (dry cured ham) industry in Spain. Scott did an excellent job arranging hotels, domestic travel, meals, technical tours and local points of interest... all at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend their service to anyone looking to do group travel worldwide.
DJH, Raleigh, North Carolina - April 2017

Our experience in Thailand and Vietnam was outstanding Scott! The evaluations from the participants are very positive. They thought our experiences out of the city where we met local farmers, school children and community people were highlights. I would concur with that sentiment. Some of the locations that were highlights included Song Phuong Village (vegetable farm experience was incredible), Cao Phong area, Giang Mo Village, hydro phonic farm in Bangkok, Mekong River area, Tan Phong island, war remnants museum and the Chi Chi Tunnels area. I was SO APPRECIATIVE of how fast you were able to get the 10 of us from Fargo on another international flight to Asia! We will definitely work with you on our next international seminar in 2019 Scott. You understand so well what our objectives are for our international seminar and the networks you have across the globe put an itinerary together that meets those objectives – a GREAT combination!! You created another outstanding experience for us.
M. H., Fargo, North Dakota – March 2017


Hope this email finds you well! Before I get to my request I just want to say Kendra has been AMAZING in helping us plan our group trip to Punta Cana and we are beyond satisfied with the work she has done! I don't think this trip would be happening if it wasn't for her, because we were about to call it quits on the whole idea before connecting with your travel company! So glad we found you guys!
Natasha, Kitchener, Ontario - September 2023

We are having a wonderful time. The itinerary for these first two days has been beautiful. Our guide Paul is excellent. His knowledge of the history, history, geography and culture has been greatly appreciated. And, thanks to your recommendation several of us descended on the soup in a bread bowl restaurant. Excellent! Weather is sunny and so are our dispositions THANKS to your hard work creating the trip.
John & Judy, Fergus, Ontario - September 2023

Oh my goodness. Thanks so much to you and Kendra not only for the wonderful tour that you have arranged but also for arranging for our last minute passenger requests. We are so very grateful for your over and above efforts for us and our motley crew of travellers. The enthusiasm for our trips from our regulars and their enthusiasm to encourage their friends to join us is testimony to the great work that you do.
John & Judy, Fergus, Ontario - March 2023

Well I finally had the chance to sit down at my computer and respond to emails. The planning and execution of this trip was beyond superb. The accommodation were excellent with very friendly helpful staff. This was my first time traveling utilizing your services and you really do follow your motto of "Pack your bag and we will do the rest" .
Joyce, Paris, Ontario - November 2022

We can’t thank you enough for all that you have done to set it all up for us and the extra efforts that you have made to monitor the situation. You have gone over and above in providing us with the information that we have needed to make our decision. The success of our many trips and loyal following of our travelling friends are a testimony to your skills and exemplary client service. We are all grateful and look forward to (travel) and beyond in the years to come.
John & Judy, Fergus, Ontario - June 2021

Thanks Scott! Always appreciate your timely responses, attention to detail and overall professionalism. Looking forward to our upcoming journey.
W.S., Lexington, Kentucky – July 2017

The trip was beyond expectations. Absolutely perfect. Rich and full and diverse and engaging at every turn. It was well organized, and seamless in the execution of each day's activities. The tour guide, Juan, was well-versed in the history and culture of Andalusia. He had such a pleasant manner and pace, while having substance in each comment and description of our surroundings. Thank you, too, for your part in organizing the trip. You must breathe a sigh of relief when we all get home safely and happily. I look forward to my next Scott/Charles adventure.
Bonnie, Kitchener - March 2017


Thank you for your extremely efficient service and assistance in getting our national teams to their world championship destinations! Very much appreciated.
Curling Canada – February 2018

We sincerely appreciate the services you provide to our various national teams (and their entourage!) traveling the world… planes, trains, automobiles, hotels… you do it all and so very efficiently! I value our working relationship and look forward to working with you again next season! Next up will be our national mixed team traveling to Russia in October.
L. D., Orleans, Ontario - April 2016


I appreciate you getting back to me so late on a Friday afternoon and then checking in again on a Saturday! We couldn’t have asked for better arrangements and service. Our family vacation was awesome! Thanks so much for everything.
Alanna & Gerry - March 2023

Ireland was all we expected and more, we came away from the visit with enhanced feelings about the country, the people were friendly and welcoming, and the land picturesque. Overflowing with history, we couldn’t help coming away with some deeper perspective. The itinerary ran smoothly and without a hitch – we have you to thank for that, keep using the same contacts you are because it’s working well. We're grateful. Although this was our trip of a lifetime, a return to Ireland is not to be ruled out. While the Trad on the Prom was fantastic, we had hoped to see more traditional dance – I guess we expected to see more of this entrenched in their culture/routines. I think there is a national dance competition that we’ll have to research more about and see where it goes from there. Thank-you for all you’ve done to make our trip so memorable.
Scott & Annette - September 2019

Hello Scott! Thanks for the welcome home letter. Our Italian holiday was perfect, we loved every moment! All of the accommodations were wonderful. We loved Relais Borgo San Pietro. It was really a dream come true arriving there the first day! The personnel were so gracious, and added so much to our stay. The location was perfect from which to explore this area of Tuscany each day. Ahhh Tuscany Thanks!!! All of the other accommodations were wonderful too!! The beautiful two hotels in Florence were perfectly situated...Gosh we loved Florence! and Cinque Terre!! I guess that pretty much covers it all...we loved every moment! Even our tiny wee Fiat was so fun to navigate on the wee roadways (cow paths) oh and did I mention the food..... As always we do appreciate your recommendations and expertise. Grazie mille!!!
Deb & Percy - September 2019

You were so much help during what would normally have been a stressful time for the both of us - so thank you! No negative feedback to provide you, only positive. I so so appreciated how quickly you got back to me in answering any questions I may have had as I do tend to get in my head and make things worse than they actually are. The flight, transfers and resort were all amazing. Only one issue though..... the trip wasn't long enough! Haha! but all good things must come to an end. It just gives us the opportunity to be excited for future trips. You will be hearing from us. Thanks Scott!
Emma & Kyle, Kitchener - March 2019

Hi Scott. So nice to get your welcome home message! I have to say we both have trouble finding the words to express what a truly wonderful Italy experience we have had. Lucca is a beautiful town, the Hotel Palazzo Alexander was a very quaint and lovely place to call home for the first 4 days. The train to Chiusi was a great fun experience- mostly locals. Then to Montefollonico for Cook in Tuscany. This little walled medieval town on top of a mountain is awesome! Total population inside and outside the wall is 450 people. The view of the valleys and distant mountains from our private terrace was outstanding. The itinerary they had planned for our group of 15 people was perfect. We cooked various Italian dishes each day, then ate what we cooked. I would recommend this Cook in Tuscany experience to anyone who likes the simple/rural life of Italy where we were able to watch the locals live their day. The hotel Gabriele D'Annunzio in Florence which you chose for us before flying home was perfect. It was in a quiet, lovely, green area of Florence, quiet which we thoroughly enjoyed after a busy several days. Thank you so so much for everything you did to make our dream trip come true.
Bob and Eunice - October 2017

Just a quick note to say thank YOU Scott once again for all you did to ensure our recent vacation trip to Puerto Vallarta was all we could want and more!!! Our room was perfect at the RIU Vallarta on the 9th floor with a great ocean view!! It was all that and MORE!!
Chris and Stephanie - May 2017

Scott provides ROI with travel supply services and helps us significantly as we source locations for the various activities and programs of our organization. I have known Scott since 2000 / 2001 and have used his services, guidance and advice with each of the organizations I have been involved in / worked for since that time. He and his staff always provide quality, effective and efficient service for our travel, accommodation and meeting needs; they are certainly willing to work with us and provide a high quality service / product and they are great people!

R.B. Guelph